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Technical Resources

The following technical articles, signage and other information are intended to give you some basic information on various issues you may encounter with your studio. If you have follow up questions on any of these issues, we suggest you contact the particular manufacturer or supplier directly.

Preparing Your Kiln for the Holidays
Studio Technical Guide
Health and Safety Statement
CCSA Lot Recording Sheet

PDF Version. An Excel version is also available.

CCSA Lot Recording Sheet

Excel Version. A PDF version is also available

Glaze Effect Poster

Crazing, Crawling, Shivering and more

Miscellaneous Product Info

The following is a series of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ) on ceramics that we collected from studios. We suggest you contact the manufacturer or supplier directly if you have followup questions. For your convenience, we have supplied a list of the various suppliers and the contact person for each company. We hope you enjoy this benefit.

Note: the topics are generally ordered by sequence. That is, the way the product flows through your studio.

Nontoxic Glaze Overviews
High-fire vs. Low-fire
Cones Update
Cones: Why You Should Care
Which Glaze is Right for Your Studio
Types of Clay
Glass Fusing
Screen Printing